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accessbility first not mobile.

Updating with WAI-ARIA to be more accessible.

I have updated to be more accessible, by simplifying the layout and taking an accessibility first approach. Nearly all sites take a mobile first development approach, but this seems to restrict their ability to be accessibile. WAI-ARIA roles have been added and html has been written to work well with text browsers.

guggesites post

Easy image slide show for Jekyll static sites.

Posts in the Jekyll static site generator are mostly written using Markdown and adding images is easy. The way they are displayed are not so easily controllable within the markdown editor and multiple images in a slide show, just a complete nigtmare to impliment. Here the liquid ‘include’ file comes to the rescue.

using code to create svg images.

Creating inline SVG images within your content.

Creating images with code may sound difficult and using a drawing app to make svg images may be the easiest method to use. However for simple images a text editor maybe your friend.

google document parser

Google document to Github Flavoured Markdown example.

The guggesites client app uses the Google Document class to collect content pass it through my paser to generate Github Flavoured Markdown . The Google Drive API is used to collect image urls for the Markdown parser to publish documents on the Github pages server. This page is to demonstrate the current capabilities of the script for converting Google documents to Markdown.

branding image for my post on branding for your business.

Yes, getting your brand online is important.

These are my thought about branding, why its importance to promote for your business.

using google documents for creating posts

using google documents for creating posts

Looking at using Google Documents to create web content for my website.

google voice writing

using google voice type for creating post

This post was written using Google voice type, I hope to explain and demonstrate how using Voice type to create a post is easy.