Updating peteranoble.co.uk with WAI-ARIA to be more accessible.

Created by Peter Noble

accessbility first not mobile.

I have updated peteranoble.co.uk to be more accessible, by simplifying the layout and taking an accessibility first approach. Nearly all sites take a mobile first development approach, but this seems to restrict their ability to be accessibile. WAI-ARIA roles have been added and html has been written to work well with text browsers. All CSS styling is defined within a stylesheet generated by SASS. I decided not to set classes within html to make the code cleaner.

All content loads and displays without any Javascript styling. I find Javascript is a hurdle for the visually impaired, who may use text reading software or text browsers. The internet has become a visuale experience, but not everybody can take pary in that experience and developers must understand the need to remove barriers to their content.

Please have a look around. Any feedback about the site’s accessibility would be welcome. Updates will be made as required. Thank you.