Yes, getting your brand online is important.

Created by Peter Noble

branding image for my post on branding for your business.

These are my thought about branding, why its importance to promote for your business.

Your Branding and having your own domain name is important.

For a new business, as part of your branding you need to give attention to your online presence. This does not mean going out and setting up a website, although that will be a part of it. Your online presence is defined by your strategy of finding new customers and how you will retain existing ones. It may be a good idea to draw a diagram of how you see it working.

Get a domain.

Its important for you to have your own identity / branding for people to remember and link you to the services/ products that you supply. Your own domain allows you to own that name and be able to adapt over time as you grow or protect you from hosting companies closing down or not providing the services you require. With your own domain you will be able control how your online presence grows.

Your own Email address

Having your own address other than gmail or yahoo is very important in supporting the brand and creating trust with prospective clients. You don’t need an email server or anything fancy, just redirect the email address of your domain to your own personal account. You should be able to set-up in your personal account to send emails using your own domain address.

Web presence

You have your domain, you have set-up the email and now create the place where people will go to find you. Even if you are planning a bells and whistle website later, on day one of purchasing your domain create somewhere people can find you. This will be a place to announce the coming site or engage with customers or somewhere people will go when you share your domain name. Remember its your domain and you can send them to where ever you want. Day one - create a page on Facebook for your business and forward your domain to that page. If you have one already great, now you just give people your domain name and that have found you. Spend time to create content for your page, add notes, events. Make it engaging.

If you have set-up a permanent forward for your domain, search engines like Google will find your page and index the content.


Don’t forget to include your domain address and email address in all your marketing (paper and electronic). Update any social media links and place them in the footer of your emails with a tagline.